Our company provides service exams ((Online Exam)), we are one of the few centers that provide this service to gain global licenses and without any additional charge fees only official test site in the company below:

Certification Exam Testing
IT Training House Institute and Testing Center is accredited to deliver certified training courses and Exams on behalf of many of the World s leading hardware, software and business skills programs.  As one of the leading Authorized Testing Centers in the region, we providing testing facilities under the partnership of Pearson Vue and Thomson Prometric ..

Exams are available for  Oracle, Cisco , CEH and  more.

All exams are being conducted by Certified Exam Administrators in a silent and comfortable environment using latest hardware and software facilities.  Please call our training counselors or Exam Administrators for more information on Contact Us who will be pleased to advise you further.

The contents of this page do not represent entire requirements of our testing partners policies. For up-to-date and complete information, please visit our testing partners web sites .

 Important Tips before entering any Exam at our Test Center

Contact our testing centre well in advance of your intended exam date to be sure that they provide the test you wish to take and to see if there are any specific booking requirements. Those with special needs should make enquiries as early as possible.

Upon arriving at the testing centre you will be required to produce adequate identification and proof of identity. This may require showing a government-issued photo identification (such as ID, passport etc.) and identification with your signature and address on it. Some certification vendors, in order to maintain the integrity of their certification tracks, may even require the testing centre to carry out additional identification procedures. Cisco certifications, for example, require the testing centre to take a candidate s digital signature and photo. You may also be required to sign a test centre agreement form indicating you agree to abide by the rules of the testing centre. Some certification tracks require you to have already applied for a candidate identification number, so make sure you understand the testing requirements for the certification track you are taking.